Each year the cost of running our school increases as funding decreases.  Now, more than ever, fundraising is a critical need to ensure the school can maintain the excellent education service it offers.  The Parent Fundraising Group is looking for ways to maximise its efforts and we need help from all parents.


Members of the PFG make no commitment other than to receive emails with our meeting notes, fundraising activities and calls for assistance.  We hold monthly meetings however you do not have to attend.  Your involvement can be as limited as receiving emails and perhaps making suggestions for fundraising ideas or recommendations for persons or business you know who can assist us in fundraising.  If you can, we would love for you to come to a meeting or volunteer an hour or two of your time to assist with activities.  We also welcome those persons who would like to organise an event.  But most importantly, we would like for you to be part of the group so that you are aware of the work we are doing and the importance to the school.  We welcome any support you can give the group.


Meetings are held at night starting at 7:45 and usually run less than an hour.  If you would like to join or would like more information, please email or pick up a joining form from the office.

PFG Updates can be found on our Newsletters page.