All Year 3-6 students at Redwood School have been set up with an online Google Drive account.

Many schools around the world use G-Suite. It is free, internet based software that can be accessed online through any web browser or tablet app. The applications used for education are private and free from advertising.

G-Suite allows students to easily create and save their own documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms (surveys) and drawings, among other things. It also allows students to collaborate, comment and share their work with others in real time. More information about G-Suite can be found at

Student’s work can only be seen by people they choose to share it with e.g. their teacher, specific friends, classmates or family. Students can allow others to edit, comment or just view their work. All of the student activity on the Google Apps can be monitored through an administrator tool.

Following on from the work done with RED values, all classes have spent time talking and learning about being good digital citizens. This includes conversations about using their Google accounts appropriately e.g. sensible content, pictures and videos, making kind and helpful comments, only sharing work with people they know, and not sharing passwords with others.

Students login looks like an email address, but currently they can’t use it as an email.

All Redwood student usernames follow the same pattern: the first 3 letters of their last name then the first 3 letters of their first name This makes it easy for students to share their work with their friends and classmates.  Again, the owner of the work chooses who they share it with and whether they allow others to edit, comment or view their work.

Students then click on the grid of squares and click on Drive.

They then click on the folder or file they want to use, or click on the folder they want to save their work in, click Create, then choose what they want 

to create.  


They can then share their work with anyone with an email address.

Our students have shown that G-Suite is a very popular and worthwhile learning tool. Teachers at Redwood have been pleased with the number of students sharing their learning with us, and we can provide prompt feedback through the use of comments.

We will remove all user details from Redwood School a few months after the students leave at the end of Year 6.  This will give them an opportunity to export any files that they may want or need. If they would like their files transferred to another Google account, then they can email or with their new details.

Google are constantly refining G-Suite and knowledge about how to use it to best support student’s learning is being shared on forums worldwide. If you have any questions or suggestions, please talk to your child’s teacher or email or