Reporting to Parents on Student Progress and Achievement

The Ministry of Education requires us to report the progress and achievement of all students to parents. With the removal of National Standards, Redwood School  will report against the curriculum levels of the New Zealand Curriculum Document in 2018.

Teachers use a variety of different ways to find out where your child is at in their learning, including:

  • a range of formal tests and assessments.
  • observing your child in the classroom.
  • conversations with your child about their learning.
  • children assessing their own and each other’s learning.

Some children need more time and support to work towards meeting the expected curriculum level.

Timeline for reporting in 2018:

  • In Week 8 of Term Two a written mid year report will be sent home.
  • In Week 10 of Term Two a Parent Interview will take place to discuss the report.
  • At the end of Term 4 an end of year report will be sent home.
  • (Teachers will meet with the parents of students who turn 5, about 6 weeks after they begin school).

Parents are welcome to meet with your child’s class teacher at any time to discuss their progress.

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