School Description:

Redwood School opened on 2nd February 1966 with a roll of 168 children and four teachers. The principal was Mr Con Coffey. On 3 February 2014 we had a roll of 407 children and 17 class teachers. The principal is Mrs Sue Goodin.

The Redwood area and Redwood Avenue commemorate Dr Francis Mary Redwood (1839-1935), Archbishop of Wellington.

In 1959 the Tawa Development Corporation began work on Redwood Avenue with surrounding streets soon after. 

Over the years the school roll has fluctuated and peaked in 1974 with 617 children, Tawa Intermediate opened in 1975 which meant Year 7 and 8 (Form 1 and 2) children no longer attended Redwood.

During it’s time Redwood has had three principals; Con Coffey, Pieter Braun and Sue Goodin.

Our Charter

ERO Report 2011